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Purge Plays Timbersaw

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Timbersaw is a great offlane hero because of his survivability and ability to harass and pick off supports. In a typical offlane you're trying to sap as much experience as possible and then move into a major item like a Bloodstone. Make sure to tp to ganks and small engagements because you have a good chance of picking up kills and being able to snowball from these.

This game, however, was not the ideal start, and it ended up being an extremely close game! If you guys want some insight on how to play if you're in a lot of trouble/at a disadvantage, this is a good game to check out.

Dota 2 Purge plays Viper

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Viper is a relatively strong hero in the metagame currently because of his ability to last hit well versus some scary mid heroes. With his 2nd skill, you get a lot of last hitting potential. I was forced to pick up 3 levels of nethertoxin this game because I had a lane advantage and wanted kill possibilities, though.

I ended up snagging phase boots because of the damage bonus since I was doing well in my lane, and because I grabbed a bottle because of the mana drain. If I wanted to play without bottle I would grab tranquil boots instead of the bottle+phase. This allows me to transition into an aghanihms afterwards for a hugely reduced cd on ulti, and range increase.

It's the best Agha upgrade in my opinion!

Purge plays Mid Dragon Knight

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Dragon Knight mid is a pretty strong teamfight and push oriented hero whose goal is to get exp and last hits, control mid a little bit, and then transition into magic immunity teamfights and disables. He should be tanking the brunt of the damage while your hard carry can follow up on the initiation and score some kills. That didn't really happen this game. It's a long game, so get some food first I guess.

Purge plays Lifestealer - Armlet Party

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I hope you guys like Armlets, because you're gonna see a lot of armlet toggling this game. This game has a lot more fun factor than learning, but I know you guys like that sometimes.

Here is the picture of the medic bear:

Purge plays BristleBack

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BristleBack is a super tanky semi carry hero who is all around pretty manly. I like playing aggressive playstyle heroes so I really enjoy him. This game ended up being extremely close and I played more of a Hard Carry role, partially due to how fantastic Empower is with BristleBack.

This is the same item build that I get on Bristleback for most games because I feel it gives him good bang for buck, but this is one of the few games that I considered Phase, since Phase Boots makes Tether stun much easier to apply. However, Treads gives much bigger DPS.


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