Learn Dota

Welcome to DotA, You Suck

If you are brand new to Dota 2, this guide is your crash course. It covers basic mechanics, gameplay mentality, concepts, and how to get better faster. I promise it's not just a giant boring wall of text. Recommended for New (Noob) players.

Coaching Sessions

Here are coaching sessions with some students/fans of mine where I go over areas they wish to work on. Usually we spend about an hour going over a hero they want to learn better and I do tips and tricks. Recommend for New to Medium skill levels.

Purge Plays...

Videos of Purge playing lots of different heroes. You should be able to learn lots of useful tips and tricks, as I always provide live commentary and go over my (many) mistakes and mindset.

Pub Casts

If we wanted to watch someone perform well, we'd watch professional Dota 2 players, so this series is aimed at watching noobs make huge mistakes so I can point out WHY the decisions they are making are bad and improve your play. These are good videos to watch after you learn the Dota basics. Recommended for Newish (Noobish) players.

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