Purge plays KotL mid

Kotl is typically a support hero but I decided to play him farming mid to see how it worked out, and the teamfight push support I gave felt really good. Plus with aghs you never need to stand still to cast illuminate so it then ads your right click to the game, which is an okay damage source.

Purge plays Phantom Lancer

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It's the new Phantom Lancer! He's played a lot more teamfight/chase and a lot less run hordes of illusions at heroes and hope they don't have enough aoe to clear them.

He's really fun! Higher skill cap, more decision making, and less split pushing. His item builds in the late game are pretty variable, and he is in some ways easier to gank. Check out my thoughts and see him played by watching the video. Enjoy!

Zephyr HUD Preview!

In partnership with DryDoctorEgg, we present the Zephyr HUD and Loading Screen!

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We wanted to go with a nature themed HUD design since Zephyr means the wind from the West, and we're very pleased with how it turned out!

First Impressions Patch review with Purge

Hey guys! This was my first read through on the new 6.82 Dota patch! I LOVE reading patch notes since it slightly alters the game that we all love, so I thought I'd explain why things were changed on the competitive level(up to my understanding) and how to adjust your gameplay, builds, and skillbuilds(etc.).

Make sure to memorize some of these changes, and get ready for them when the new patch hits!

Purge plays Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight is an interesting carry hero. He has huge physical damage, but is quite countered by aoe, and is limited by a low mana pool.

If you are able to farm a fast armlet and treads and solve your mana problems, though, there are few heroes that do more damage than him in a short duration.

Ability Draft PA+Kunkka Nyx

I haven't done an ability draft sub game in a while, so I did one a few days ago while streaming! I got Phantom Assassin who is a hero with a horrible mana pool but really good agi gain, so she's pretty good as a carry.

I was able to pick up Tidebringer, which is one of the best skills in ability draft, and then I tried to stack Vendetta with the splash(which it turns out does NOT work on the cleaved targets).

From there I just needed to farm a lot of damage items and voila, you have a late game dps hero.

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