5v5 CM coaching session

I had a team of 5 friends sign up for coaching so I talked a lot about basics and advantages of a trilane, as well and doing some general teamwork application.

You'll get a bit of how to play each hero, but generally I tried to hammer out the basics that you should be aiming for in a typical CM mode game.

Nixeus Vue 27'' Monitor Review w/ Purge

Hey Guys! I've been using the Nixeus NX-VUE27D for the last few months and I really like it, so here is my review of it!.

The main benefit of the monitor is the HUGE surface area and pixel count, which gives you almost 2 times as much space as a typical monitor. In addition, it has a super easy setup, and it is extremely adjustable in terms of height and orientation.

Purge plays Earthshaker

Earthshaker is a super fun support to play because of his high impact if you snowball a bit. Since you're a melee hero, you can't zone the offlaner very well, so you should focus on ganking and pulling. Try to go places where the difference of 1 moderate nuke and stun is enough to swing a kill.

Purge plays Lone Druid

Lone Druid is a fairly strong offlane hero vs dual lanes because you in some ways have the attack power of about 2 heroes. As long as you're trading bear+druid against a solo support, you can often get favorable trades and bully your way into exp and gold gain.

Try to kill at LEAST 1 support without dying, and then transition into survivable and safe play that will slowly let you farm and pick up a damage item or two.

Purge plays Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden is a great hero for roaming and taking early control in teamfights because of her relatively low cooldown and high utility spells. She's not very good at solo killing heroes, but her teamfight contribution is pretty high because of the aoes from Crystal Nova, and sometimes her ultimate.

Get 1 of each skill by level 3, and then adjust based on what threats and heroes you are facing! Physical damage right clickers or escape heroes demand more frostbite, and if those don't exist more burst through Crystal Nova is a better bet.

Purge plays Troll Warlord

Hello, I played a bunch of games on stream today, so I thought I'd upload them because I suck at uploading recently! I don't care if I've played them recently, I just really wanted to put some videos out, so I hope you're okay with the fact that I think I play troll too often.

Troll should be played high movement speed in my opinion, and generally you should be wise and pick up a BkB so that you can just up and kill heroes like Rhasta. Instead I went for damage because it's much more fun(unless you lose, then it sucks).

Anyways go bash people, have fun.

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