Purge plays Viper

Viper is a hero who specializes at the early and mid game. He has good lane control, his skills make him very strong at the early-mid game, and if you win teamfights and have successful pushes, he turns into a decent carry.

This game I played him as a safe lane carry, but due to the enemy hero composition, I went the max tank build with max corrosive skin as soon as possible.

Mek is still a must on Viper despite the mana increase since tankiness is where he gets his viability.

Purge plays Spectre

Spectre is one of the best late game carries because of his scaling abilities(great mobility, good bonus damage, and very tanky while reflecting). He can be off farming and then teleport into the fight while doing radiance burn the entire time.

This game I poor manned out a radiance after being in a 2v2 and 2v1 scenario where I didn't play that great. I built a vanguard first which I THINK was an okay decision? It might have been better if I just built damage and tried to snowball of of kills. Vanguard doesn't give you much offensive capabilities at all. I'm unsure if it's worth getting or not.

Purge plays Broodmother

Broodmother is a bit of a weird hero right now because she's extremely powerful early game but becomes quite weak in the mid and late game. To add to that, she gets quite countered by AOE's, stuns, and a fairly large handful of heroes.

This game is maybe not the best example of this because my team did some failing and lost to a super greedy lineup, but I think I properly demonstrated the early game.

In the mid to late game, aim for Manta, Black King Bar, and afterwards some carry items like Abyssal and Butterfly.

In the early game do your best to harass heroes, create pressure on the map, and give space to the rest of your team.

Purge plays Spirit Breaker

Spirit breaker is a hero with a lot of single target disable and magic damage with a side of semi carry or tank depending on how you build him.

He also has a movement speed aura that lets your allies get a movement speed advantage in teamfights, which might give you an edge on engaging and re-engaging.

This game I built him extremely tanky because of the amount of weakish right click heroes they had, but some games you might want to build a BkB, or a Mask of Madness to get more dps out of the hero. It all depends on your lineup and their lineup!

Purge plays Centaur

Centaur is a fairly top tier hero right now because of his ability to initiate on heroes, stun them, and then burst them down with help from allies.

He scales decently due to Return reflecting damage upon supports and carries, and he is just all around a pain in the butt to kill for your opponents, while still being a huge damage threat.

Purge plays Huskar

Huskar is in a bit of a weird place right now. He is a super tank, who does a ton of magic damage and moderate right click when he gets low on HP. He also takes very little damage from magic nukes.

I played 3-4 Huskar games this morning to get a feel for him and try to make a good video and this build was the one I had the most success with. If you go more of a carry build like armlet into BkB blink and go around trying to snowball, I find that you peak off very quickly and can end up being weak if you get behind.

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