Purge plays Pugna

Pugna is generally played as a mid hero(though sometimes as a carry) that supports the team, does nuke damage, farms extremely fast, and pushes towers rapidly.

He peaks off a bit late, especially as a carry, but he can generally farm rapidly enough to make up for those weaknesses.

Purge plays Treant Protector

Treant Protector is mainly a support hero who will sacrifice himself to help his allies do better. His living armor protects allies across the map, and his leech seed heals allies around the target while slowing them and securing kills.

Unlike most support heroes, Treant has a huge base damage so don't be afraid to right click opponents!

Purge plays Windranger

Windranger as a hero is in a bit of a weird place because she's not very strong in the offlane(her previous role). She has been seeing some success as a mid hero due to her great animation, spamable nuke, and her need for levels. If she does well then she's a ranged semi-hard carry and she scales pretty well now due to aganihms scepter. I didn't get to play this game very far into the late game, but focus fire actually does pretty respectable damage.

I probably overfarmed a little too much this game, but I thought it was an okay game to demonstrate her basic abilities. Sorry for lack of talking! I'll do a replay commentary tomorrow.

Purge plays Phantom Assassin RedBull LAN

Hi. This is a Phantom Assassin that I played at the RedBull LAN in Seattle last weekend. I had Brax and Fluff on my team, and I was against Demon an Seventhings and Kai #Kaidota.

I looked over things that I did well and things that I did not do well and talked about them and learned a lot from looking at this game. I hope you do too!

If you ever get a chance to play at a LAN like this I STRONGLY recommend it :)

Thanks for watching!

Purge plays Kunkka

Kunkka is a ganking and teamfight hero who can transition into a carry with the right lanes an items. You will generally either play Kunkka mid, but I ended up in the offlane this game. This works fairly fine because he just needs boots, bottle and levels to roam for kills, but it hurts your farming capabilities going into the late game.

We played against a bunch of really good people this game so it was quite a weird game with both teams being scared to show on the map.

Purge plays Spectre

I'm going to be at the RedBull LAN in seattle this weekend, read here: http://www.RedBull.com/SeattleLAN

Spectre is one of the best hard carries in the game because of his ability to steal kills around the map, get radiance, and be a huge nuisance to enemy supports during teamfights. There are some decent counters in the game, but if you play correctly you'll be just fine.

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