KDL Finals Interview Vlog

Sorry for the delay in Vlogs, but this should make up for it, right? :D

We've done quite well in KDL! The finals are coming up on April 12th, that's a Saturday Korean time, and that's likely somewhere around 1-2pm KST.

Our opponents are MVP.Phoenix, who we are currently 4-1 against in official matches, so with hard work we should have a good shot of winning.

People that appear in this video:

MVP.Phoenix - Reisen http://twitter.com/ReisenXD

Purge plays Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is a strong support hero because of his ranged disable(in some ways aoe), his ally heal, and his ability to dps down enemy targets.

I tried getting a bunch of levels of his heal this game so that our team could continuously tank aoe damage, which I thought worked out pretty well! I mean, other than all of my tornado EMP deaths....

Sorry for being a little BM this game, I just had emotion cursing through my veins :X.

Match ID: 588279078

Purge plays Cleavetaur 2.0

I played an Ability Draft on stream yesterday to round out the streaming session. I've gotten Chemical Rage before, and I think it's one of the best abilities for filling most gaps in a hero, such as attack speed, regen and movement speed.

With it and a DPS ability, you can turn into a bit of a DPS monster. I combined it with Flak Cannon which relies on me getting items, but it translated out pretty good for me this game. I had fun. Enjoy!

Purge plays Morphling

Morphling is a really strong carry because he's ranged, and has mobility and a nuke at early levels, unlike many typical carry heroes! This can generally propel him into a strong mid game due to kills on enemies, and last hitting.

Most morphs aim for a Linkens Sphere and afterwards an Ethereal blade so that they can 1 shot weak heroes with his magic nukes, and this allows him to snowball extremely hard.

I'm pretty bad at Morphling, but come check out generally how to play him!

Purge plays Elder Titan

Elder Titan is a strong mid hero because of his aura and ability to do serious damage with few items. His teamfight disruption is also really strong, so try to set up ulti's and stomps on people, and aim for a BkB.

I played too greedy in the early game here(didn't take my opponents seriously enough, and they punished me) so I had to go a really normal build to win.

Coaching Nyx w/ Ian

Nyx Assassin is a fantastic offlane hero because of his base regen and high armor, and he translates well to a really strong mid game because of his initiation.

Ian requested coaching, so we focused on item builds and initiation order, and focused on a blink dagger instead of another item like a dagon.

Also I might not post a video for the middle of the week, since I'm going to hong kong for a few days(we finally have a break from KDL/korean matches finally).

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