Purge plays Rubick w/ Domy

I made a Rubick game recently but Domy(an old dota 2 friend) recently started playing again so I decided to play a game with him on stream!

Rubick is a versatile support hero who can steal spells from opponents. I generally suck at doing that, but once in a while I get lucky :D.

Try to buy support items like wards and sentries if your team needs them. Transition into mobility items like blink or force staff so that you can initiate or jump in and steal the best spells.

Purge plays Disruptor

Disruptor is a hero that requires you to have an intricate knowledge of enemy heroes, and also requires you to have some exp to go around the map making kills happen. You don't really bring the damage as much as a typical hero, so make sure that you setup with your allies help.

If you are a solo support with carry versus a solo offlane hero, make sure that you contest his exp so that your carry can eventually go 1v1 with that hero and threaten a kill without you having to be there.

Also, please buy Urn on support heroes! It's one of the most cost efficient items in the game!

Purge plays Troll mid

Troll is a great teamfight and pushing hero because of his ulti, mobility and variety of nukes. He saw some play during TI4 in the mid lane as people would pick up a Mekansm and push with their allies.

This strategy isn't the best in pubs because that's a very different play style than a typical game.troll's value in pushes largely comes from his mek that he farmed and his ulti. Most of his pushing power comes from his ulti, which requires a bit of coordination with your allies.

Purge plays Techies

Techies is a very powerful hero who is different than any dota 2 hero! He's best in a solo lane because he can get 6-7 fairly fast, pick up some mana items and rotate out giving one of your supports some solo farm/exp.

Once you grab your core of Arcane boots and Soul Ring(if mid, get a bottle), you should spend some time setting up traps in the enemy's jungle. Once you have mana regen items, you can also pressure towers and push with the help of your allies, but once you get force staff and/or blink, you should be able to split push and farm solo.

Purge plays Medusa

Medusa is a super late game carry whose strength is tankiness, teamfight disable, and slightly-high aoe physical damage(depending on how deep into the game you are).

Your goal is to farm a lot, show up to teamfights, and continue buying stat items.

Purge plays Anti-Mage

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Anti Mage is a really strong carry if you survive and die little before your Battlefury+Manta Style. Try to make sure you get free farm in your lane and then transition into tons of farming and split push. Make sure you don't JUST farm. It's important to put pressure on your opponents towers while also farming, or you are forcing your team to play a 4v5!

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