Purge plays Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight is an interesting carry hero. He has huge physical damage, but is quite countered by aoe, and is limited by a low mana pool.

If you are able to farm a fast armlet and treads and solve your mana problems, though, there are few heroes that do more damage than him in a short duration.

Ability Draft PA+Kunkka Nyx

I haven't done an ability draft sub game in a while, so I did one a few days ago while streaming! I got Phantom Assassin who is a hero with a horrible mana pool but really good agi gain, so she's pretty good as a carry.

I was able to pick up Tidebringer, which is one of the best skills in ability draft, and then I tried to stack Vendetta with the splash(which it turns out does NOT work on the cleaved targets).

From there I just needed to farm a lot of damage items and voila, you have a late game dps hero.

Purge plays Brewmaster

Brewmaster is a top tier hero pick right now because of his lane tankyness, strong teamfight with ulti, and his ability to separate enemies.

You should rely on your ultimate to get kills on squishy heroes in the early game, and try to farm a blink dagger into aghanihms. This game I opted for some DPS items since Brewmaster has a crit and I was playing a sub game. Enjoy the sillyness!

Purge plays Bristleback

Bristleback is a semi-carry tanky hero who can play a couple different roles, but is generally best as an offlane hero. If you're playing offlane, you'll want a few extra levels of his Bristleback skill to keep him survivable.

Purge plays Slark

Slark is a strong agility carry who is good at snowballing because he's very survivable and has pretty good burst damage. Your point in combat is to be as annoying as possible and to harass your enemies with nukes and weave in and out of fight so that you can regen your hp and then come back in.

Purge plays Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is a super strong support in the current meta because his ultimate gives him huge tactical dps when the opponents are disabled! His stun can sometimes disable opponents for a very long time, and he's strong in laning in almost all matchups as well.

This game I played a hard 5 support hero and bought a lot of wards and detection. If you are the only support it's better to just sacrifice for the team and buy everything than it is to be greedy yourself.

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