Purge started gaming at a young age, but unlike his siblings and friends, always strove for the competitive aspects in gaming, which in the 90’s on the Super Nintendo, were not always available.

After dabbling in a lot of console and PC games over the years, Purge moved from game to game looking for high levels of competition and depth in a game. Eventually he found himself playing DotA heavily in 2009 on Battle.net despite the difficulties inherent in the WarCraft 3 engine.

After a finishing his B.S. in Physics: Emphasis in Electronics, in which his grades were affected by DotA, Purge continued to play and host games on Battle.net, and eventually found a job working as an engineer. During one of those long, boring days, he realized that he really loved competitive video games and Defense of the Ancients and that it would be wise to follow in the footsteps of his YouTube esports forefathers.

Purge started making YouTube casts of professional level replays and commentating his pub recordings to moderate success, and wrote one of the highest rated guides on PlayDotA in an attempt to fight against the negative culture aspects in DotA and help acclimate new players.

He currently spends nearly all of his time working to create high quality Dota content for the community through YouTube and as a caster for GosuGamers.net.

This website was created to make all of the content easily accessible in one location, rather than spread out across multiple websites and urls, as Purge is involved with a wide multitude of organizations and very talented individuals.

Purge's main goal with his content is to make sure that the steep learning curve can be enjoyably tackled, and that he can help other players enjoy the game that we all love.

GosuGamers.net interview with Christoph "malnor" Helbig... Purge: "You have to bust ass"

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