Purge plays Oracle

Oracle just came out yesterday, so I played him a bunch because I like that type of hero(lots of support and utility) and made a video!

His skills are quite complicated, so I recommend reading about him before you watch the video to help with the understanding, and it requires a huge amount of knowledge about what damage type skills do, but once you figure out some of his combos then he becomes really fun and overpowered!

Go read here if you haven't yet: http://www.dota2.com/hero/Oracle/

Main combos to look for:

Purge plays Wisp

Wisp is a great semi- top tier support hero who can heal allies, make them run faster, and add some nuke damage. He's generally used by tanky semi carries or with melee carries so that you can benefit from the tether slow, wisp spirits, and increased attack speed+tankiness.

Purge plays Disruptor

Hey guys I went full knowledge dump on this Disruptor game from replay from solo que that I played yesterday.

I really like this hero against mobile heroes like Anti mage, and he's pretty good at zoning offlaners as well due to being able to send them back and secure kills where they would otherwise be safe.

I feel comfortable with just an urn and magic wand purchase because it gives you a bit of a stat boost(hp) and a bit of mana regen to guarantee some mana regen.

Purge plays Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain is a snowball/gank/teamfight hero. She's also very good at controlling the mid lane because of her great animation, ranged attack, dagger, and blink+nuke abilities. It allows you to punish a lot of greedy melee mid heroes because your harass is far better than theirs.

With blink and aoe, you can also easily rune control and get an edge over your opponents that way.

Ability Draft, Ursa Storm

I did an ability draft on stream yesterday and I drafted something super uncreative that just happened to be 3/4th's of storm spirit with a little damage bonus from overpower(ursa's ability).

I think overpower is one of the best abilities in ability draft because it scales so extremely well with items, and it's very good for outplaying your opponents in the early game(especially if you're a ranged hero).

Purge plays Viper

Viper is a hero who specializes at the early and mid game. He has good lane control, his skills make him very strong at the early-mid game, and if you win teamfights and have successful pushes, he turns into a decent carry.

This game I played him as a safe lane carry, but due to the enemy hero composition, I went the max tank build with max corrosive skin as soon as possible.

Mek is still a must on Viper despite the mana increase since tankiness is where he gets his viability.

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