Purge opens TI4 Plushies!

Hey guys, I thought that you would want to watch me open dota 2 plushies since I just bought a bunch at TI. I might go back for more later, but for now I opened 8 of them!

I start casting of the main event at TI4 tomorrow, so make sure to tune in to http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti_noob to see if I'm streaming! I'll be casting at least half of the matches for the whole weekend.

Thanks for supporting me!

Autograph Treasures + TI4 vlog with Purge!

Published on Jul 10, 2014
Hey Guys!

I'm at TI4 right now getting ready to cast day 2 of the group stage! If you want to watch the event, hop on over to this url to check out the matches!

If you guys want to tune into the stream that I'll be on all week, head over to: http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti_noob

Also if you want to buy my autographed treasures, you can find them in the dota 2 store here: http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/10795?r=258

Purge plays Slardar

Slardar is a great teamfight hero and stunner because of his huge aoe stun thats on a low cooldown, and his general tankiness.

With Sprint recently costing 0 mana, and blink now costing 0 mana, you can pick up a quick treads and blink dagger and make a lot happen on the map. From there pick up a BkB, vanguard, or AC to turn into a teamfight semi carry, and with enough kills you should feel like a full carry.

Purge plays Alchemist Support

Hey Dudes. This is an alchemist support replay commentary from a game I played a few days ago. Roaming on alchemist is still pretty effective because he has a long duration disable, and with bonus damage from acid spray, you can set up kills pretty decently.

Aim for a fast Medallion to allow you to burst down heroes with unstable concoction, and also to focus heroes with physical damage, and take fast roshans.

Purge casts a pub Ep. 28 Sleepycast

Hey guys, here is a video. Thanks for being patient about the lack of uploads. I've been pretty busy with traveling + visiting family and friends and drinking nice beers and eating cheese in Wisconsin.

Here is a pub game where I talked a lot about exploiting item builds in carry versus carry situations. It's REALLY important to be an item ahead of your enemy's carry if you're carrying, because it could allow you to win a fight where they die, and continue your snowball while theirs decreases.

Purge plays Ogre Sub Game

I got to play a sub game like good ol' times, which is going mid, getting a bunch of kills, and then building a midas!
Ogre doesn't normally play mid, mostly because he doesn't have a fast pushing ability before 6, he's melee, and he doesn't have any scaling potential.

If you are playing a core Ogre, blink dagger is pretty good because you can leverage your burst and tankiness by jumping in on opponents and hoping for the best.
From there, I recommend picking up either Aghs, Mek, or some kind of semi carry item like Battlefury. If you're support and playing ogre the correct way, Aghs and Mek are the way to go.

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