Purge plays Slardar

Slardar is a tanky strength hero with huge mobility due to his first skill sprint. He has lots of utility from his second skill which is a low cooldown aoe stun that does physical damage. Most typically you'll play Slardar as an initiator with a Blink dagger, but I built straight into a Vanguard and Crimson Guard this game because I wanted to be tanky since we had a Sniper.

It's always good to be up in front of the battle when you have a ranged hero like that.

Purge plays Venomancer

Venomancer is generally played as a farming lane hero, but I felt like playing him as support this game! I find it more fun to max gale than to max wards, so I will do that while in pubs. If you do max gale, make sure that you max wards 2nd, after getting a few poison sting levels(max 2!). I went the wrong skill build this game.

In terms of items, a mix of mek, force staff, Urn, and Aghanihms Scepter are my favorites to get on Venomancer. Buy wards and things too!


Purge plays Techies

Techies in pubs is a decent hero if you get the utility for it. I opt for a mobility build into Aghs and finally get a utility item like sheepstick. My build isn't very good for fighting, perhaps, and it's a little squishy and not as offensive as I'd maybe like. I'm not completely sold on it yet, but that's what I built this game.

Blitz was the feed lord on lone druid this game, the rest were randoms. Sorry I was so salty about the Elder Titan in the beginning :X. Enjoy!

Purge plays Warlock

I played a Warlock game in solo que the other day, so I thought I'd make a replay commentary.

Warlock's best skill right now is upheaval which prevents opponents from fighting within a certain area. It has a huge range so you can channel it from far away and prevent them from moving.

Purge plays Alchemist

Alchemist is a bit of a forgotten hero in the current meta because he's been nerfed a few times, but he still has a fairly reliable high duration stun, and can transition(or start early) as a fairly high impact DPS tanky carry.

This game I opted to be more active on the map in the early game and utilize a blink dagger so that I can stun more often. In games where I play alchemist and just buy farm items, I feel vulnerable and not very much contribution to my team.

Purge plays Zeus

Zeus was buffed again in this latest patch! His aura aoe increased slightly, so his teamfight damage output is slightly increased.

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