Purge plays Slardar

Slardar has huge potential for winning dota games because of his aoe stun, his huge physical damage, and his mobility.

Slardar mid is not typical at all, but I've seen MVP.Phoenix run it a few times and it works out if you get a fast blink dagger and them move around the map getting kills.

Purge plays Rubick

Rubick is a very high skill capped support because of his ability to steal spells and make game changing plays. You want to draft him against heroes that have powerful abilities, and this was a perfect game for him because of heroes like Lina, Lich, and Faceless Void. Stealing sven stun is pretty good as well, but his other spells are pretty lack luster.

I'm honestly a pretty bad Rubick but I felt semi okay about this game so I felt like uploading it. Hopefully you can see the principles of the hero from this game!

Purge plays Tidehunter offlane

Tidehunter offlane is one of the strongest offlane heroes in the game right now! His ability to bully his way into exp gain and translate that into a strong teamfight or kill means that he makes a strong impact throughout the entire game.

Make sure that you can land anchor smash on opponents to reduce their damage by 60% so that your kraken shell damage block prevents the rest.

Try to get enough farm to pick up Arcane boots(this game I tried out Tranquil boots), and follow that up with a Mek if your team needs it, or a blink dagger if someone is already purchasing a Mek.

Purge plays Tuskar

I played this mid Tuskar game. I quite like Tuskar but this was my first time playing him since the change to snowball. If I could go back, I would change my item build.

I used to go Shadow Blade into Bfury or Deso. I'm not quite sure why I changed it up this game.

Anyways, you can use the snowball to dodge spells(something I didn't do the best job at this game) by pulling your allies into the snowball with you!

Purge plays OmniKnight

I played an Omniknight offlane game today. His ability to lane isn't super fantastic, but that's ok because his main goal is to get 1 mana item like Arcane Boots or Soul Ring, and a bunch of levels for his skills.

Once you get around level 6, you can group with your allies and force towers. If your enemies defend and you play the fight correctly, Omni has HUGE teamfight contributions.

Purge plays Beastmaster

Beastmaster is a great offlane or mid hero because of his ability to set up kills with allies. You can also stack and farm ancients to overall give yourself a lot more farm than you'd typically get in the offlane.

I played my offlane kind of bad because I died a few times but I was able to get a large amount of farm due to my stacking and general laning. I think if I did this again I perhaps would have purchased tranquil boots in the offlane to go with my Soul Ring.

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