Purge plays Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker is a mid hero that is getting more and more strong due to buffs, and is becoming a decent counter to a lot of heroes in his own right. His toolset is a bit weird, with a silence, some physical damage, good chase, and HP removal(basically Pure) damage!

He has very strong last hitting and lane sustain skills as well in the solo role, and his ganks are semi strong with a bit of team coordination.

His item builds are kinda wacky and vary depending on the game, but this game it was quite required of me to pick up a force staff, both to increase my solo killing potential and to increase my survivability against all of their ensnares and temporary disables.

Purge coaching Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon is a really strong support because of his ability to setup up kills, and delay/dodge stuns and fights if needed.

In the mid game his damage and damage boost can be pretty good, but largely you should be disrupting stunned allies and setting up kills on important heroes!

Aim for the trifecta of Force Staff, Ghost Scepter, and Blink Dagger if you happen to be particularly rich!

Purge coaching Axe offlane

Axe isn't the most typical offlane hero, but he can see some use, especially versus 2 melee heroes! It becomes mostly impossible for your opponents to contest and zone your hero, so you should be able to get full exp and maybe even kill a support or two.

Axe should always aim for a fast blink dagger because it gives him huge kill potential and initiation ability against enemy heroes. From there you pray for spins and chop people whenever they are low. Hopefully you guys learn the basics from this video!

KDL season 1 finals vlog

This is video footage of the lead up to the KDL Finals that we played yesterday in Seoul, South Korea. The All-Star match was first, and after that was our bo5 vs MVP.Phoenix.

Here are the vods of the finals if you guys want to watch: http://www.twitch.tv/kdl_en/b/519115590

Chaos Knight Twitch Sub Game

Chaos Knight is a hero who is generally not playing in the pro scene unless paired for a wisp because his disables are a little clunky, and his mana pool is very weak, but once you make it into the mid game with chaos knight, his damage can be seriously impressive with his ult.

Tinker Coaching

Tinker is a hero who can farm the map extremely efficiently and pose a huge item threat and map threat throughout the game because of his mobility.

If played correctly, it becomes extremely difficult to push towers and take objectives, and he has the ability to be in every teamfight contributing with dagons, hexes, and generally a lot of aoe damage.

Hopefully you guys can get these staples down through this coaching session!

Sorry for no non-twitch content so far, but we are busy practicing extremely hard for the KDL finals this weekend vs MVP.Phoenix!

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