Purge plays Phoenix

Phoenix is a relatively strong offlane hero because of his ability to punish lane mistakes, and exploit a 1v1 matchup into a kill in his favor.

You have to be extremely careful about physical damage when playing Phoenix, however. Also be worried about stuns and silences, since his dive can be easily interrupted this way, which should result in you dying.

Be really careful about silences like Last Word/Silencer, because he can use Last word to prevent you from canceling your dive, should you need to escape.

Purge plays Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight is a strong mid hero because of his tankyness, decent last hitting capability, and with a couple of stat items and a BkB, his teamfight contribution is really strong. You provide a tanky focal point that your opponents have to deal with slightly, or face stuns and nukes and moderate damage.

Try to go for a fast bottle, and control runes if possible(or bottle crow). Put pressure on towers, or group up your team to coordinate pushes.

Purge plays Lycan

Lycan is one of the most overpowered heroes at the moment and is top Ban/Pick material in the pro scene. His strengths are fast farming and pushing because of his summons and huge physical damage. He can also kill a few supports early game using his ulti.

The most powerful thing at the moment, however, is probably his wolves because they can scout around the map invisible(and with 10+ hp regen per second) and harass supports and find ganks.

If you're good with the wolves and scouting, it gives your team a tactical advantage.

Purge plays Leshrac

ONE EAR MIC AUDIO SORRY GUYS. I swear I changed the audio from Mono to Stereo but for some reason the recording still came out of 1 ear only. I used headset because Blitz was playing with friends and I didn't want his talking to be loud on the vod. Sorry dudes.

Hey. This is a Leshrac game. He's generally played as a support hero but I quite like playing him mid and transitioning into a semi carry nuker with Bloodstone and Aghs.

Purge plays Slardar

Slardar has huge potential for winning dota games because of his aoe stun, his huge physical damage, and his mobility.

Slardar mid is not typical at all, but I've seen MVP.Phoenix run it a few times and it works out if you get a fast blink dagger and them move around the map getting kills.

Purge plays Rubick

Rubick is a very high skill capped support because of his ability to steal spells and make game changing plays. You want to draft him against heroes that have powerful abilities, and this was a perfect game for him because of heroes like Lina, Lich, and Faceless Void. Stealing sven stun is pretty good as well, but his other spells are pretty lack luster.

I'm honestly a pretty bad Rubick but I felt semi okay about this game so I felt like uploading it. Hopefully you can see the principles of the hero from this game!

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