Purge plays Axe

Axe is generally played as a jungle and roaming hero but I decided to play him mid this game and build almost good but ultimately stupid items. I tried out a bit of a different skill build as well with the semi-max battle hunter build but I was quite underwhelmed with it. It really did get significantly nerfed compared to where it once was. I recommend maxing spin and berserkers call instead of what I did this game.

Purge plays Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker had his abilities shifted lately to be a little different and I randomed him in a twitch.tv subscriber game, so I hope you guys learn a bit! His first skill makes the person you cast it on do more damage and take more damage, so always cast it on yourself before you cast rupture, urn, and the big aoe silence. If you get kills with it on, you heal for a chunk of your opponents HP!

Purge plays Rubick

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I played this Rubick game live on stream yesterday. I think Rubick is one of my worse support heroes that are competitively viable because you need to have very good presense of mind to play him(something that I lack in dota skill, I think).

You have to predict what your opponents are about to do because it allows you to steal big teamfight ultimates and use them against your opponents.

Purge plays Magnus

Magnus is a great ganking and teamfight hero that has a vacuum and a stun built into his ultimate! He also has a large variety of aoe magic nukes that allow him to turn the tides of teamfights very easily.

You should go mid lane, pick up a bottle, and farm the lane with nukes and eventually purchase an arcane boots(my favored boots) and blink dagger and then transition into a lot of ganking.

I sometimes gank early if I have the right runes as well.

Late game pick up Refresher, BKB, Force staff, and things like that!

Purge plays Razor

Razor is an up in your face kind of hero who casts spells and carries the game due to damage steal and armor reduction. He's basically a jack of all trades carry with some anti-carry mechanics with static link, and if he snowballs, he can transition very well into the late game.

Purge plays Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition is a bit different compared to most support heroes because he doesn't have a hard disable, and his abilities are mostly supplimentary to damage and utility. That doesn't necessarily apply to his ultimate though, because his ulti, when applied to enemies, does damage, prevents them from healing, and kills them when their HP gets below about 10%.

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