Purge plays Kunkka

Kunkka is a ganking and teamfight hero who can transition into a carry with the right lanes an items. You will generally either play Kunkka mid, but I ended up in the offlane this game. This works fairly fine because he just needs boots, bottle and levels to roam for kills, but it hurts your farming capabilities going into the late game.

We played against a bunch of really good people this game so it was quite a weird game with both teams being scared to show on the map.

Purge plays Spectre

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Spectre is one of the best hard carries in the game because of his ability to steal kills around the map, get radiance, and be a huge nuisance to enemy supports during teamfights. There are some decent counters in the game, but if you play correctly you'll be just fine.

Purge plays Bane

Bane is a fantastic solo support because he can lock down carries
and magic immune heroes in the late game. In the early game you should use the hero to roam, right click, and set up kills using Nightmare by enemies that are out of position.

You can also use it to protect your allies for short periods of time since it has a slight immunity duration.

Purge plays Viper

Viper is a pretty strong mid hero against a variety of heroes because he has good lane control due to positive trading and lane harassment form poison. He can't rune control very well, but he's a pretty solid jack of all trades that transitions very well into the midgame with a Mekanism and then falls off a bit late unless you are snowballing and never dying.

Purge plays Clockwerk w/ Eosin

I play Clockwerk fairly often as my offlane hero of choice and I played him yetserday with Eosin and Jah on stream during my 'streak of fun'.

Clock is really good against supports/heroes that are squishy and have a long animation time like oracle and Earthshaker. I found that clock was pretty good against oracle because I can hook in and keep him in one place. I think he maybe could have outplayed me better but he maybe made the wrong choices. I am unsure.

Jah was playing OD vs a brood this game(terrible matchup) and eosin was playing Luna. ENJOY THE HOLD

Purge plays Lion

Lion is a strong support who has solid disable, and good burst damage, but who is quite slow and squishy and easy to kill.

His main use is as a counter to evasion heroes like PA, or carries who need to not be disabled to survive, such as AM, Weaver, etc.

He's a bit greedy as a support because he kinda needs a blink dagger to properly initiate, but once you get it he's extremely effective. You HAVE to get a fairly early mobility item on him or you are generally better off picking a different support

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