Purge plays All Random Death Match ep. 1

I played an All Random Death Match game on stream! I MESSED UP WITH THE OVERLAY BECAUSE I'M HORRIBLE, but it changes a few minutes in. SORRY.

The way that All Random Death Match works is that when you die you get a new hero randomly, so your items aren't always applicable(but you still save your EXP). Going for something like Drums and a boots and a Blink is almost always useful because it kinda fits any hero, so I went that way this game.

Sniper SHOM

I haven't done a Same Hero Only Mid(SHOM) game in a long time so we did a couple on stream yesterday while I was playing with subs. I ended up randoming sniper, so we did a 5v5 sniper mid SHOM!

Before the most recent patch a Sniper SHOM would have been terrible because you can just shrapnel down the enemy tower(it used to stack), but it actually turned pretty cool here due to shrapnel charges.

There were lots of cool little nuances to figure out while we played it, and SHOMs as a whole are much better due to bounty runes as well, since there is less EXP to go around.

Carry Bane Ability Draft

I play ability draft sometimes with fans for twitch.tv sub games.

This game I got Bane(who has pretty good overall stat gain, good movement speed, and he's ranged), and i got a bunch of fairly good skills. I didn't have amazing synergy this game, but I got a good variety of skills that allowed me to snowball decently. Enjoy the game!

Purge casts a Pub Ep. 30

Hello, This is a Purge casts a pub game. I spent equal parts time making fun of the plays, making fun of the item builds, talking about good item builds, talking about good and bad skill builds, and yawning.

I'm going to go to sleep now, but I love you.

Purge plays Queen of Pain

Queen of pain got some significant buffs this patch. Mainly, her blink range was massively increased at all levels, her ultimate now does pure damage(so it can't be reduced by magic resistance) and it also goes through magic immunity!

This fixes some of her mid-late game problems that center around the hero having contribution issues if your opponents use black king bars. The goal now is to land a good ultimate and pick off supports at the start of the fight, wait for bkb's to go away,and then focus on the cores.

Try to properly balance her farming with your teamfighting and your ganking, and you should be able to quickly propel yourself to top net worth.

Purge plays Phantom Lancer

It turns out that the new Phantom Lancer is still pretty broken! I played him again in a low party MMR game, and he got slightly buffed in the last patch so he's even better.

Now Skadi and Diffusal blade stack, so your primary hero still gets the skadi slow as well as the Diffusal burn on the target that you're attacking(but it's a very minor buff).

When playing the carry role, you can build a Aquilla and treads and afterwards grab a diffusal blade to massively increase the damage your illusions do(about 3-4x more damage if your opponents have mana).

After diffusal, you can either grab a manta style or skadi, and continue chasing down opponents.

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